Turbo is opensource and we're building it in public on Twitter and Discord!

The browser
for developers

Turbo streamlines your dev process by prioritizing developer-friendly software. Keep scrolling 👇

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Turbo uses modern technology and is 100% opensource. You know exactly what is going on behind the scenes.


Turbo uses significantly less memory and CPU compared to other leading web browsers like Chrome and Edge.


Turbo is fully keyboard navigationable. You can also enter custom hex codes to customize the browser to your liking.


Turbo is completely free to use, with no ads or interruptions! We also plan on adding a premium subscription.


Turbo is completely opensource. Anyone can contribute and add features they would like to see in their browser.


Packed with features, Turbo is constantly updated to make your development process more productive!

on steroids

Light. Doesn’t use 90% of your memory for one tab. Unless you’ve got 25mb of RAM.

Private. No one but you and your pet cat can see your suspicious browser history 👀

for everyone

Themes. Personalize your browser with custom colors and icons! 🎨

Share. Easily share your favorite themes with short strings ;)

Planned Features ;)

This list is an addition to the basic features you find on an ordinary browser! And some of these features are only concepts and might not ever appear in Turbo :(

integrated api client

localhost -> public tunneling

fully keyboard navigationable

split-screen tabs

custom themes

built-in terminal

built-in adblocker

rapid responsive web development

wakatime integration

seo rank checker

built-in vpn

custom icon themes

paywall bypasser

chrome extension support

built-in git support

test site meta tags

built-in docs viewer

quick web editor

light mode transition warning

advanced devtools

prioritize stackoverflow results

limit ram/cpu usage

and more...

developed by teamcodebyte and community, inspired by Linear